After all the countless hours in a shooting range, studying for a hunter safety course, and waiting for your hunter’s license to arrive in the mail – you can now finally go on your first duck hunt! But where do you start? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Check the area

Go to your local Fish and Wildlife Services office and inquire for a list of areas where you can do Duck hunts. If you have been eyeing a plot of land already and find out that it is a private property, try to contact the owner and ask for permission to hunt in their grounds. If you want to know more about goose hunting, you can find its details on

Get a guide

Since this is your first duck hunt, it is best to have an experienced hunter with you. A Duck Hunting guide can teach you the most effective methods and helps ensure that your safety while hunting. For a first time hunter, there will be times when you will feel unsure about what you are doing so it will help to have somebody experienced with you to help you out.

Scout first, hunt later

Before you start dragging all your hunting gear in the area, scout for ducks first. Check out which areas have large bodies of water and more duck sightings. It is important that you do not hunt directly in the areas where ducks congregate or their roosting areas. This might cause the entire flock to relocate somewhere else. It is best to set up a few meters away from the roost.

Set your decoys

Once you have settled in an area, set out your decoys on land or in the lake to attract ducks. If you set out decoys in the water, make sure to tie them on something nearby to make sure that they do not float away.

Identify before shooting

You are only legally allowed to hunt certain species. If you are unable to identify the species of the bird you are aiming at, it is a wise choice to not shoot it.

Going On Your First Duck Hunt