The Ratatouille film tells of a rat named Remy (Patton Oswalt) who dreams of being a great cook. Although it contradicts the expectations of his family and the real problem that a rat is a rodent feared by a chef.

When fate placed Remy in the sewer in Paris, she found herself under a famous restaurant for her chef, Auguste Gusteau. Remy’s craving for cooking inadvertently slowly began to materialise through a garbage man who had just been received at the restaurant called Linguini (Lou Romano).

The benefit we can get from this movie is the courage of Remy to realise her dream of becoming a great cook. Remy is just a rat but has big ambitions to develop her skills to become a renowned chef. Although he was separated from his parents, despite his disgusting animal condition, he still dared to prove and develop his skills. So whatever our condition, wherever we come from, no matter what our looks are, and whatever our background, we certainly have unexpected skills that we can develop. And only courage can make it happen.