No Reservations tells the story of a master chef named Kate Armstrong (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) who works at one of the famous restaurant “22 Bleecker Street Restaurant” located in Manhattan City, New York. Kate is a person who always wants everything to run perfectly, not least on all the delicious food she made. On the other hand, Kate really does not like having to leave the kitchen when there are customers who want to meet and praise her for the food she makes, but Kate is always ready to leave the kitchen immediately when there are customers insulting her cooking. Kate is also someone who can not appreciate others. She also often intimidates the people around her.

Kate has a perfectionist personality, she is also a person who can’t appreciate others, especially people who have a personality contrary to her. All of these behaviours and Kate’s personality were obtained because of the pressures of her past which she buried. Although the film is a romantic comedy genre, the contents of this film not only tells about romance and comedic elements only. This film also displayed a psychological element that is packed with a simple and very interesting method.